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Prima has announced three orders for its Laserdyne 795 multi-axis laser systems.

With a total value of more than USD3m (GBP1.8m), all three system orders will be used in aerospace applications.

One of the orders calls for a Laserdyne 795 XL system to be equipped with a CO2 laser and a S94P controller, integrating laser commands, motion, and process sensing.

The system will be equipped with a 3D camera inspection system.

The buyer of this system plans to laser-etch chemical milling maskant.

For these applications the system has speeds up to 800in/min with accuracies to 0.001in.

The integrated camera inspection system creates a record verifying the etch accuracy on the finished part.

This system will be used to scribe and perform inspection.

A second order calls for a Laserdyne 795 XS system equipped with a 1.5kW fibre laser.

This system will be used for cutting aerospace materials and welding experiments are also planned.

The third order calls for a Laserdyne 795 XS with CL50k laser system to be used in the drilling of effusion cooling holes in aerospace components.

Laserdyne systems are also able to produce shaped holes with a single laser configuration.

The same system that is to be used for conventional holes will be used for shaped-hole production.

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