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Milton Roy has introduced the Primeroy L compact industrial dosing pump, designed around the GSD (Global Security Device) diaphragm liquid end.

The GSD diaphragm includes an internal pressure safety valve, a diaphragm-controlled hydraulic oil refill and a protection valve preventing overrunning and extrusion.

The IMI system (Installation Monitoring Indicator) lets the user see most shifts in the dosing process.

Primeroy L removes the risk of oil mixing (hydraulic and mechanical) as only one oil type is needed for the liquid end and mechanical parts.

The Primeroy L can be used for metering corrosive, abrasive, viscous and slurry fluids.

It has a flow rate of 3300 l/h (~872 gph).

It features multiplexing and flow rate automation capabilities.

Available options include: double or triple diaphragm, diaphragm failure detection, food grade design, a cooling/heating jacket, remote valves and sand-proofing.

The Primeroy L complies with the API 675 and ATEX CE EX II 2G/D c T4 standards.

The IMI system lets the user check the progress of the hydraulic operation, detect any overpressure of the system or bad discharge conditions (pulsation dampener out of order, lack of damping) and ensure the diaphragm’s integrity.

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