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Prism Sound is reducing the US dollar price of its Dscope Series III audio analyser by 24 per cent to USD9,850.

The Dscope Series III analyser platform offers flexible and powerful audio test solutions for analogue and digital audio generation and analysis.

In addition to the standard signal generation and analysis package for frequency response and distortion measurement, Dscope Series III supports digital audio carrier testing, quasi-anechoic microphone/loudspeaker analysis and testing of Windows sound devices.

Users can also define their own analysis filters or measurement algorithms.

Dscope Series III can be automated using its built in VBscript interpreter, enabling the creation of custom test routines and pass/fail limit checking.

Test automation can also be accomplished using Dscope’s Com interface with external automation software.

The Dscope Series III audio test and measurement system comprises a Windows PC (XP and Vista compatible) software application coupled with an external high-precision audio I/O processor for equipment-under-test (EUT) connection.

Prism Sound has been supplying successful high quality analogue and digital audio test solutions for 23 years. The solutions we provide incorporate the highest performing audio test products available, backed up by support and applications engineering services recognised as the best in the industry.

When choosing who to use to address your audio testing needs, you will be looking for a company that knows how to solve your testing requirements, and who can provide a cost effective, reliable and high performance solution. Our solutions cater for all stages from product design right through to the production line testing, in the following applications and beyond:

  • Power amplifiers
  • Loudspeakers
  • Microphones
  • Media players
  • Broadcast infrastructure
  • Car audio
  • Set top boxes
  • Telephony
  • Professional audio system

    Prism Sound’s audio test and measurement range includes the highly acclaimed dScope Series III and DSA-1 audio analyzers, which are the most powerful audio test solutions available in their classes. The portable, hand-held DSA-1 has become the industry standard for debugging digital audio broadcast systems, and the dScope Series III has established a reputation for being the world’s most innovative and comprehensive audio test platform.

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