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Schunk has launched its Prismo tool-grinding tool holder, which completely avoids tool unbalance, thus delivering suitable pre-conditions for the automated manufacturing of small batch sizes.

With its variable clamping diameter, a threefold prism guidance and inter-meshed chuck jaws, the all-purpose mounting achieves high repeat accuracies of less than 0.005mm.

A threefold prism clamping provides the basis for the tool holder to clamp shaft diameters from 5mm to 20mm with excellent precision.

Each of the five chuck jaws is guided by an eroded double prism.

A third prism is eroded on the clamping face and this directly contacts the tool shank.

This ensures that the tool holder always adjusts itself to the individual tool diameters.

This is an important difference when compared with conventional solutions, where the clamping face is just circular ground.

Even deep-hole drills and tools with a twist can be machined precisely with the Prismo.

During the clamping operation, the five hard and coated chuck jaws intermesh.

The basic sleeve and the robust design give a high level of stiffness and rigidity to the tool holder, according to the company.

The stable guidances reduce the ‘swing-out’ of the grinding wheels.

At an overhang length of 2.5 x D and a tool diameter of 20mm, the Prismo provides a repeat accuracy of less than 0.005mm.

In order to avoid pollution and to offer permanently high precision, the Prismo is rinsed during the grinding operation with clean oil.

Regardless of the diameter to be machined, the X axis of the grinding tool holder remains unchanged.

All the chuck jaws maintain an identical axial position, so time-consuming additional programming and the danger of a crash owing to incorrect axis offsets are eliminated.

Compatibility is assured as every machine interface is feasible.

The Prismo mechanical prism tool holder meets the requirements for very precise and economical tool grinding on the machines of various manufacturers.

Conventional collet chucks and high-quality tool holders that cover a large clamping range are used for automated grinding; these systems lose their run-out accuracy after a certain time as the risk of tube imbalance occurs.

The new Prismo tool-holder generation from Schunk ensures flexibility and a high level of precision.

Long setup times, regular quality controls, the complicated re-grinding of jaws and spare-part procurement are, therefore, no longer necessary.

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