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SMOE has ordered a three-point Argus oil in water (OiW) monitor-system from Proanalysis for its Maersk Oil Halfdan B processing platform in the Danish sector of the North Sea.

The OiW monitor-system forms part of the Halfdan Phase IV Project, for which SMOE in Singapore has the EPC contract.

The three-point Argus Process oil in water monitor system comprises three in-line OiW measurement probes connected to one control unit.

One measurement probe operates at atmospheric pressure and the other two at higher operating pressures.

The simple multipoint design – connecting several in-line probes to one control unit – is significantly cheaper than buying three OiW monitors.

Proanalysis developed Argus for on-line OiW monitoring, for application in water treatment process monitoring and for discharge monitoring in the oil and gas industry.

The technology is built on UV fluorescence.

The in-line probe design with ultrasound-based self-cleaning facilitates low maintenance and minimum life-cycle costs.


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