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Hi-Port Software has announced that Procentec is offering a discounted upgrade of its PA Probe adapters when these were originally supplied as part of a Troubleshooting Toolkit Ultra Pro kit.

If working with Profibus PA networks, the devices, together with the Profitrace v2.2.1 software, enable simultaneous display of both PA power and PA signal waveforms across the user’s display by the Scopeware package.

The upgrade procedure is simple and does not require return of old PA Probes.

Users can simply include the serial number of the associated Proficore Ultra with the order and Procentec will provide a new PA Probe Ultra within a few days.

Upgrades, as described above, are offered at discounted price of GBP90.00, plus GBP5 for packing and posting, plus VAT – but due to currently volatile euro to UK pound exchange rates, this price must be verified before confirming an order.

The new PA Probe Ultra will automatically be included in all new Troubleshooting Toolkit Pros.

Hi-Port Software

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