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Analog Devices has introduced the Blackfin ADSP-BF592, which is said to make integrating high-performance digital signal processing practical for power-constrained and small form-factor applications.

These include applications in the industrial, medical, video, audio and general-purpose markets.

The Blackfin BF592 has 800MMACs/400MHz of performance, features active power draw as low as 88mW and comes in a 9 x 9mm 64-lead LFCSP package.

Target applications for the BF592 include: portable medical products; audio devices; imaging products such as CMOS sensor-based 2D scanners; and smart metering products in smart-grid applications.

At 800MMACs or 400MHz clock speed, Analog Devices said the Blackfin BF592 provides developers the ability to run more sophisticated algorithms for more system-level advantages.

It consumes 80 per cent less power than comparable solutions, while a low active power draw of 88mW at 300MHz and low standby power of less than 1mW extends battery life.

Its 9 x 9mm footprint allows designers to utilise the BF592 in space-constrained designs.

With a peripheral set including two Sports, a PPI, two SPIs, four general-purpose counters and a factory-programmed instruction ROM block containing the VDK RTOS and C-runtime libraries, the BF592 is optimised for compute-intensive applications that operate without the need for external memory or executable flash.

The Blackfin BF592 is offered in commercial and industrial temperature grades and is automotive qualified.

An EZ-Kit Lite evaluation kit for the BF592 is available, which includes an evaluation suite of Analog Devices’ VisualDSP++ development environment with the C/C++ compiler, assembler and linker.

The company also offers a Blackfin emulator – ADZS-ICE-100B – which it said provides designers with a comprehensive development platform that lowers the cost of entry to the Blackfin BF592.

In addition, a complementary selection of Analog Devices’ power ICs, data converters, sensors and signal conditioning ICs are available for optimising processor and overall signal-chain performance.

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