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Product design in a time of supply chain instability

Pandemic-era events have spotlighted – and strained – weak links in operational strategies and associated supply chains. With an increased focus on the strategic importance of supply chains, how companies develop new, and optimize aging, products is key to determining both product profitability and supply chain resilience.

How products are designed will play a critical role in determining downstream manufacturing costs and how quickly companies can reroute supply chain operations when needed.

Brands that can design new products with a readily available and interchangeable bill of materials (BOM), and optimize manufacturing and assembly, will be well-positioned to address future supply chain disruptions quickly and decisively.

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aPriori is the leading provider of digital manufacturing software that brings product design and sourcing teams closer to production.

aPriori is the leading provider of digital manufacturing software that brings product design, sourcing teams and supplier teams closer together to close the gap between design and production.

By leveraging the digital twin with our digital factories, we automatically generate design for manufacturability (DFM) and design for cost (DTC) insights, helping manufacturers collaborate across the product development process to make better design, sourcing and manufacturing decisions that yield higher value products in less time. aPriori solutions are now available either in the cloud or on-premise.

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