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Profibus UK is offering UK industry incentives to join the Profibus Group, including a limited number of day delegate places at the 2009 Profibus and Profinet User Conference free-of-charge.

These places are offered on a first-come, first-served basis to companies joining the Profibus Group at the regular or higher levels in the months prior to the conference.

The group is waiving its usual GBP100 joining fee over the same period.

Following the trend for its rapid acceptance in many industries worldwide, Profibus is quoted as the specified protocol for future projects in most of the UK’s water companies.

This means that in most cases, new and refurbishment projects will be Profibus-based, and the water industry represents one of the most active sections of the UK instrumentation project market for 2009.

Relevant framework suppliers are expected to provide Profibus-based solutions and use certified Profibus designers and installers for their projects.

The discounted membership offer will be of particular interest to companies in and associated with the water industry as members are eligible for discounted rates on the necessary staff training courses, including the certified Profibus installer, commissioning and maintenance and engineer courses.

The Profibus and Profinet User Conference in June 2009 will provide an opportunity to exchange experience and meet other companies in the industry, plus hear the latest developments in Profibus techniques and equipment.

This offer can only apply while User Conference places are available.

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