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The 2009 Profibus User Conference, a multi-stream event, has been scheduled for 16-17 June at the Stratford Manor conference centre.

The event is intended to enable new or potential users to choose lectures that offer an explanation of the base technology, through to using the Profibus process and offshore asset management applications.

Covering practical applications and experience, the programme will focus on serving the needs of the user community, such as companies that own, operate, design, build or maintain manufacturing facilities or process plants.

The aim is to assist companies in making the transition from conventional to Fieldbus systems.

Based on experience with some major offshore applications in Norway, Kai Atle Myrvang of AD Elektronikk, the Norwegian Profibus competence and training centre, will explain how his company’s systems used an existing control system network to harvest data for asset management.

An Ethernet gateway was used to tap into the existing Profibus-DP network and collect data directly from the input/output (I/O) devices, using Hart over Profibus.

This has been used on the Ekofisk 2/4M and Snorre B offshore installations, as well as the Ormen Lange and Snohvit onshore installations.

James Powell of Siemens Milltronics will introduce some of the more technical aspects of the conference, with a paper entitled ‘Reducing total cost of ownership of instruments through the use of the Profibus profile standard and enhanced EDDL technology’.

Meanwhile, the DTM files needed for the field devices will be discussed by Dr Rolf Birkhofer of Codewrights.

Wireless techniques and sensors will be covered by Gareth Johnston of ABB, with a paper entitled ‘Wireless Hart integration into Profibus’, while Stephan Reim of Phoenix Contact will discuss wireless solutions for the remote maintenance of Profinet and Profibus networks.

The features and benefits of Profisafe are explained by Peter Brown of Siemens, with some practical configuration examples.

Full details of the conference, the lecture programme and the topics to be covered in the hands-on workshops can be found on the conference website, where there is also a reservation form to book a place at the event.

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