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GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms has released the latest version of its process control system, designated Proficy Process Systems v1.6.

Proficy Process Systems is a fully-integrated process control system that, based on its flexible configuration, architecture and choice of controller platforms, can provide customers in different industries with an advanced DCS or hybrid process-control system to meet their needs.

These systems are said to improve operational performance and productivity and provide customers with a sustainable advantage for their business.

Proficy Process Systems 1.6 continues to enhance the overall system architecture by adding the support of the PAC8000 process controllers and the PACsystems redundant Rx3i controllers.

Customers in industries such as oil and gas will benefit from the GE Fanuc DCS system – Proficy Process Systems with the PAC8000 family of controllers.

PAC8000 controllers can incorporate optional intrinsic safety for hazardous area applications, and they can be field mounted and subjected to extreme temperatures and corrosive atmospheres when required.

The PAC8000 have an operating range of -40C-+70C and ISA Level G3 corrosion.

In addition the controllers have 30G shock and 5G vibration.

They can operate in Class I, Division 2 and Zone 2 hazardous areas with field wiring extending into Division 1 and Zone 1/0 areas.

PAC8000 controllers can pass Hart information from smart field devices to a computer running device asset management software, allowing for remote maintenance and calibration.

Hart data and diagnostics can also be used directly in control applications, reducing commissioning time, process downtime and loop maintenance costs.

With the support of PACsystems Redundant Rx3i controllers, Proficy Process Systems provides a high-availability architecture for customers in industries such as food and beverage who will benefit from the discrete, batch, and process capabilities that the PACsystems controllers provide.

The offering will also be attractive to companies in oil and gas, water/wastewater, power and utilities, mining, ethanol, boilers, data centres and chemicals.

Included with Proficy Process Systems 1.6 is the Proficy Alarm Viewer, which provides advanced alarm line formatting, filtering, and sorting capabilities.

It also has an audible alarms capability that annunciates alarms based on the user’s configured rules.

Proficy Process Systems 1.6 also includes new process control function blocks and enhanced visualisation faceplates.

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