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GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms has brought out Proficy Miview, a machine intelligence that automatically provides accurate and unbiased data to improve process efficiencies and eliminate waste.

GE Fanuc combined its machining industry and data-collection domain expertise with GE’s Lean Six Sigma culture and manufacturing knowledge to design a solution for discrete-parts manufacturers.

Miview is designed specifically for machine tools, providing extensive connectivity to current and future equipment to help users begin to collect insightful information right away.

It is a web-based application that allows the information to be accessed freely anywhere on the network, without per-user licensing, and provides comprehensive data collection from GE Fanuc, Fanuc, Siemens and other third-party CNCs integrated into new and existing machine tools.

It uses the best connectivity solution available for each machine type to maximise the value of the data collected.

Unlike traditional data-collection systems, Miview is designed for the unique data and user requirements of machine tools, making it a perfect fit for any company looking to improve upon the efficiency of existing machines.

Unlike in-house solutions used by many smaller shops, Miview is completely expandable and supportable for long-term viability.

Manufacturers typically increase production capacity by duplicating existing machines that are only being utilised to 30-40 per cent of their effectiveness.

Using Miview, companies can minimise downtime and optimise machining cycle times, generating additional production capacity.

By uncovering this hidden capacity in the factory, more products can be produced with the same or fewer assets, and return on total capital (ROTC) can be increased for a sustainable advantage in the marketplace.

Miview collects information on spindle utilisation for every part produced on each machine, capturing how much cycle time the equipment is in cutting mode.

This provides insight into the efficiency of CAM system post-processors, identifying potential optimisation.

It uncovers discrepancies between different machines producing the same part – information that may be useful when considering shop loading or future machine purchases.

Variations by machine or by shift can also be evaluated for best practices or for process improvement.

Miview also provides information to evaluate the profitability of each job for each customer.

Customers can improve spindle utilisation by 10 per cent or more through relatively low-cost investments, if they use the data to identify common problems and then take action.

Miview can assist maintenance teams with real-time machine status and escalating alerts to ensure a faster response to equipment downtime.

The top-10 problems of a machine or group of machines can be identified and permanent corrective actions can be implemented.

Historical information and analysis empowers maintenance personnel with the information to create effective preventative maintenance programmes to minimise unplanned downtime, especially on critical assets.

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