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GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms has announced that YM Krishna SSK has selected Proficy Process Systems to control and automate its captive power plant located in Western Maharashtra, India.

The captive power plant is a 16MW cogeneration plant that will take bagasse from a sugar mill and provide energy back to the total plant.

YM Krishna SSK is ‘going green’ by utilising the waste from the mill and carbon credits to provide surplus power back to the market.

Proficy Process Systems is a fully integrated system for process automation and control.

With an open and scalable architecture, it leverages GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms’ hardware and software platforms to provide a system ideally suited for captive power plant control.

The YM Krishna SSK implementation includes a boiler supplying steam to a 16MW turbine, with approximately 2,000 I/O.

The system architecture consists of high-availability redundant PACsystems RX3i controllers with an engineering workstation and operator console.

The flexibility and robust nature of Proficy Process Systems is said to provide YM Krishna SSK with the ability to measure and analyse various operations within the plant including steam, power and water consumption, production efficiency, molasses output, steam generation, fuel quantity, and water quality and quantity.

In addition, YM Krishna SSK is able to work toward optimisation of the workforce within the plant.

Proficy Process Systems is said to provide a single control environment and engineering and operator functionality in a user-friendly system.

Its open architecture reduces lifecycle cost through precise calibration and secure electronic configuration.

Single Point change management eliminates the risk of inconsistencies between multiple databases and need to duplicate engineering efforts.

Real-time monitoring of plant and an intelligent alarming system provide overall equipment effectiveness of production equipment efficiency and critical plant conditions.

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