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Mecmesin, a manufacturer of torque test equipment based in West Sussex, has invested in an R400 profile projector from Baty to improve the capabilities of its inspection department.

From simple handheld instruments to fully comprehensive, computer-controlled test systems, Mecmesin designs products to suit a range of applications and budgets.

The company’s products include force gauges, torque gauges, tensile and compression testing systems, torque testing systems and associated software.

Mecmesin offer three levels of test systems, including simple-to-use motorised systems, touchscreen-controlled systems – suitable for the use on the shop floor – and fully featured computer-controlled systems.

The company’s range of test solutions allows measurements according to BS, DIN, ASTM and ISO standards, from 2.5N for gauges to twin-column systems testing up to 50kN.

Garry Townsend, Mecmesin’s quality manager, recently researched the available measuring equipment that would add to the existing capability of the busy inspection department.

He said: ‘Although our modern quality facility is equipped with a wide selection of advanced measuring and testing equipment, the increased volume of work passing through our factory meant that we needed an additional inspection aid that would add to our capability and considerably speed up our throughput.

‘Now in regular use, our new profile projector is able to accurately measure a wide range of features, from straightforward point-to-point measurements to more demanding geometric features, plus pitch-circle diameters and over-pin dimensions.

‘Despite the comprehensive nature of the R400’s capabilities, it has proven to be very easy to use by a cross section of Mecmesin staff, while its 300 x 150mm range means that it is able to accommodate approximately 90 per cent of our products.

‘Most of our new Baty profile projector’s tasks involve goods inward inspection, although the unit is also used for general engineering checks and for product development work,’ he added.

The R400 profile projector is claimed to combine high-accuracy, non-contact measurement and inspection with a large 300 x 150mm measuring range.

The bench-mounted profile projector features a 400mm screen with 90deg cross lines, chart clips and digital angle measurement with a resolution of one minute of arc.

Optimum profile illumination is delivered by an efficient halogen lamp with a green filter, while surface illumination is achieved via high-intensity fibre optics.

The R400’s sturdy work stage features two machined T-slots to allow awkward or fragile workpieces to be held securely throughout a measuring routine.

To facilitate accurate thread form projection, the R400 also enables a helix adjustment of the light source.

Lens magnification options of x10, x20, x25, x50 and x100 are available, while further options include a collection of workholding fixtures, an internally fitted automatic edge sensor, a swing-over lamp house to allow improved access to the work stage and a cabinet stand providing a solid base with storage.

For customers needing fast-throughput automated measuring, a CNC option is available, while Baty is also able to supply the R400 fitted with a range of electronic measuring systems and readouts to suit individual requirements.

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