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Progesoft and its international distribution partners have announced the availability of the ProgeCAD 2010 Professional DWG computer-aided-design (CAD) software, now running on Windows 7.

ProgeCAD 2010 now reads and writes DWG files directly to the latest version of Autodesk’s AutoCAD 2010.

New features also include properties and boundary hatch palettes, polygon layout viewports, dynamic selection and improved 2D and 3D performance.

Architects, tradesmen, engineers, designers and drafters considering AutoCAD, Auto CAD LT or IntelliCAD will see that ProgeCAD 2010 offers software compatibility with AutoCAD 2010 for less than USD400 (GBP256) with online support.

Unlike most AutoCAD-compatible CAD programs, ProgeCAD 2010 Professional includes in-depth AutoCAD-like features, such as gradient hatch pattern and orientation control, an upgraded ‘fly-out’ properties palette, 3D Studio Max 3DS file export and advanced CTB and PDF layer support.

ProgeCAD has a lower cost than AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT, according to the company.

More and more engineering and architectural drawings are being saved, archived and distributed on the Adobe PDF format due to its small size, portable secure nature and free tools available to accurately display the files produced.

In recent years, the format has been improved with the addition of support for layers within the files produced.

ProgeCAD has the ability to import PDF files and convert these files to drawings fully editable from within ProgeCAD Professional.

ProgeCAD 2010 features improved support for the more recent enhancements of Adobe PDF, providing the ability to import, convert and print to the multilayer PDF format.

A designer can receive a PDF from a collaborating partner on a project and can then import the drawing to ProgeCAD for editing and addition.

AutoCAD LT users may be interested in true Acis 3D modelling, Autolisp, VBA and SDS (C++) program extensions.

ProgeCAD 2010 Professional will allow users to profile solid models to display 2D representations of their 3D models.

The Network version of ProgeCAD 2010 Professional features a network licence manager (NLM), which allows users to check out their licences and take them with them, keeping the software available to them until they return and release the licence back to the NLM.

This allows users to travel to and from work sites without losing the function of their network licences while on the trip.

Current ProgeCAD users can upgrade to the latest version at a discounted price.

Progesoft has improved the ProgeCAD software registration and activation interface.

Network NLM, USB mobile and corporate licensing options for the 2010 version are available.


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