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Gefran’s GF_Promer (Gefran Programmer) is designed to simplify temperature control for applications such as thermal treatment furnaces, climatic chambers and autoclave driers.

The GF_Promer combines a time-variable, four-loop set-point temperature controller with a graphic trend and bar graph display in a single touch-screen programmable device with on-board memory.

It is suitable for a wide range of voltage and current sensor input types when used with Geflex series controllers, connected to GF_Vedo panels with high-speed Modbus RTU communication, or by installing Gilogik II series analogue and digital I/O modules directly on the backplane.

A comprehensive and multiple selection of set-point profile functions include on/off, PD, PID and heat/cool with double independent PID.

The GF_Promer is available in 3.5in and 5.7in high-resolution touch-screen versions with a 1/4 VGA IP65-sealed display.

Programming is fully menu driven and designed for guided ‘no manual’ use with screens that include bar graph and trends in addition to copy/paste and delete functions for fast program building.

The device features 100 programs, each with up to 300 steps and infinite program repetition.

It also has programmable enable inputs and 16 programmable event outputs and may be used either as a stand-alone centralised controller or as a part of a distributed control process using fieldbus options that include Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Profibus DP slave or CANopen slave.

Programs can be integrated in supervision networks using these fieldbus options.

Programming and status information can also be transferred through built-in RS485, Ethernet or USB ports.

Graphics functions include immediate display of programming and monitor pages that allow process control by checking trends of variables, set points, numerical values, event output states and clearance inputs on a single screen.

Individual channel pages also display bar graphs, numerical data and current control status.

GF_Promer also provides complete alarms control with password levels and saving of historical data via USB.

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