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Relec Electronics offers the 800 to 3,000W AE and AEK series fully featured single output power supplies with remote control setting via RS232, RS485 & I²C interfaces. Compact-size enclosed cases with integrated cooling allow easy incorporation in a wide range of industrial/process control and telecom/datacom applications. Universal ac input, excellent built-in protection, an operating temperature range -20° to +60°C with full safety & EMC approvals enable these power supplies to be fitted to equipment for worldwide use.

The AE/AEK series are available with standard outputs of 12/15/24/30/36/48 and 60Vdc and can be used with up to 8 units in parallel to provide scalable and redundant systems up to 24kW.  The implementation of a constant current, current limit also make the AE/AEK units ideal for battery charging applications.

The true power of the units are harnessed when used in conjunction with an RS232 interface card giving users control over output voltage and current limit settings as well as allowing them to query the active status of the units. Queries include output voltage, current, internal temperature, device status, control mode (remote or local) and device identity. Up to eight units can be controlled simultaneously from a single control PC.

Relec Electronics

At Relec Electronics the philosophy is to help design engineers build better solutions.

At Relec Electronics the philosophy is to help design engineers build better solutions.

We are proud to have one of the most comprehensive power supply ranges available, for both DC to DC and AC to DC applications. In addition, we offer a range of complementing products including EMC filters, switches and displays. Our aim is to build partnerships with customers and suppliers to both understand their requirements and to ensure a reliable supply of robust, yet technically advanced components that can be relied upon in the long term.

Power supplies, circuit protection and interface products form the backbone of our business. We work very hard to bring high-quality competitive products to the market, and our customers can be assured that any product we are promoting will not have reached them without full dialogue with the supplier together with a personal factory audit.

We believe the future is to offer our clients more choice thereby ‘adding value’ to their projects. This is achieved by offering custom products in all the lines we supply and by offering manufacturing services such as sub-assemblies and finished products. In our UK warehouse, we hold significant stocks of both standard and customer-specific parts and offer all the commercial services you would expect, including JIT, KANBAN, and specialist agreements tailored to suit individual customer needs.

Relec’s sales and technical support personnel, including our QA department, are all qualified engineers and are committed to ensuring that all aspects of our service meet and exceed today’s high expectations. We pride ourselves on providing extensive technical support for design engineers and full commercial support for our customers. By working with a limited number of manufacturers, who are leaders in their various technologies, Relec can provide the best solutions available.

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