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The new Simsci-Esscor PRO/II software is a steady-state process simulator used to design, analyse and improve chemical processes and help industrial users enhance productivity.

‘Version 9.0 of our PRO/II software includes a powerful user interface and a host of new features designed to make the application more customisable,’ said Joseph McMullen, Simsci-Esscor PRO/II product manager, Invensys Operations Management.

‘Key productivity improvements include conditional formatting to readily identify different process stream properties; customisable tabs that allow easy sorting of unit operations by type; new dockable windows; and improved toolbars, which provide faster access to a broader range of selections and data,’ he said.

‘The software’s rigorous simulation capabilities extend the functionality of our Infusion Enterprise Control System, enabling real-time decision making and collaboration across people, processes and assets,’ McMullen added.

Version 9.0 of the Simsci-Esscor PRO/II software also lowers the cost of ownership by supporting Microsoft App-V for application virtualisation, allowing better use of existing computer hardware resources.

Simulation capabilities have also been enhanced through a significant update of the thermodynamic correlations, including a link to the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Reference Fluid Thermodynamic and Transport Properties (REFPROP) application.

The database provides critical property values needed to evaluate fluids and optimise related equipment and processes.

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