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Projen has formed an alliance with Dr Les Gornall, a specialist in anaerobic digestion and wastewater treatment, to expand its service into areas such as helping companies to cut their energy costs.

Projen supplies a range of waste management solutions, including de-packaging, anaerobic digestion, combined heat and power and the conversion of waste heat to electricity.

Gornall builds, operates, designs and commissions anaerobic digesters and wastewater treatment plants.

Projen’s expanded service offering also now includes helping companies to meet legislative compliance issues such as DSEAR, IPPC and post-Buncefield requirements.

In addition to working with Gornall, the company has also renewed its distributor agreement with Freepower – a product that generates electricity from waste heat.

Finally, Projen has formed an alliance with Axion Consulting, a specialist in the field of waste and recycling.

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