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The Bola Maxi propeller stirrer shafts from Labtex are suitable for mixing liquids in large vessels.

Stainless-steel stirrers are often used to mix liquids in large vessels; however, stainless steel can contaminate the mixture and it is often a requirement to prevent any metallic contact with the stirred medium.

In these cases, flouroplastic coated steel shafts should be used, according to the company.

Bola Maxi propeller stirrer shafts replace conventional metal shafts with PTFE (Teflon)-coated stainless-steel shafts and solid PTFE propeller blades.

Providing excellent mechanical stability with almost universal chemical resistance, Bola Maxi propeller stirrer shafts ensure good stirring results and prevent any metallic contamination, even when stirring large volumes.

The propeller stirrers have a temperature range from -200C to +250C and an almost universal chemical resistance.

Propeller impellers provide good axial flow with low local shear force.

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