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Prosim has upgraded Prosimplus HNO3, the software for simulating nitric acid production units and nitrous vapour absorption.

Prosimplus HNO3 allows rigorous mass and energy balances to be established.

It is used in design, plant operations, process optimisation, unit de-bottlenecking or feasibility studies.

Prosimplus HNO3 has now been upgraded and includes a revised graphical user interface, Simulis Thermodynamics for managing components and thermodynamic models, and new calculation methods.

The text, shape or image insertions and subflowsheets of Prosimplus HNO3 allow the user to structure the most complex processes.

Simulation results can be accessed directly from the flowsheet in popup tables, charts or in unit-operation configuration windows.

The new module also offers functions for analysing physico-chemical phenomena, including transport and thermodynamic property calculations on pure component or on mixtures.

Prosimplus HNO3 includes different oxido-absorption columns or nitrous vapour condensers.

The new options and calculation methods allow the user to calculate equilibrium constants from Gibbs free energy or, in the case of columns, to visualise vapour-liquid equilibrium on each plate.

The kinetic oxidation of NO has been improved to take into account the reverse reaction at high temperature.

A new equilibrium constant and surface tension calculation service has been added.

The Prosimplus HNO3 update will be delivered to customers under maintenance agreement and is also downloadable from the Prosim Support website.

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