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Aculab, a provider of enabling technology for the communications market, has announced that its Prosody family of media processing products now supports video.

According to the company, this additional capability opens up opportunities for service providers, application developers and enterprises using Prosody X hardware platforms and Prosody S host media processing software.

Andrew Nicholson, product manager for Aculab, said: ‘The continual expansion of video-enabled wireless devices is helping drive consumer demand for video and multimedia services.

‘In addition, the proliferation of desktop and device-based video conferencing and video call centres is also generating increased interest in this technology,’ he added.

Aculab claims that its video support capabilities extend beyond providing consumers with the capability to download and view sports and entertainment clips.

Customers can leverage both existing and emerging commercial and consumer applications for video.

These applications require broad codec and protocol support.

The company’s video capability includes support for most of the current codecs used in video communications.

Among these emerging uses of video are the consumer functions of video messaging and real-time video telephony, as well as commercial uses such as video-enabled contact centres and on-the-fly video conferencing.

Video support for Prosody S is available now from Aculab and its authorised partners.

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