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The Wireless Point I/O Adapter (ILX34-AENWG) is a high-speed, standards-based 802.11g wireless I/O adapter.

It has the same compact size of the 1734 Point I/O systems (distributed input/output modules) from PLC/PAC manufacturer Rockwell Automation, combined with the Prosoft Technology Integrated Wireless Architecture.

The Wireless Point I/O Adapter is ideal for collecting data from and for controlling moving systems (such as robots, automated carts, overhead cranes and earthmovers) and fixed-position racks in hard-to-reach areas of the process plant.

Non-tethered link to distributed I/O is requested in applications with moving or remote equipment, or where it is difficult or costly to wire devices or control panels.

Applications include: tank farms (oil and gas and water treatment); cranes; stackers/reclaimers (material handling); rotating filling; spooling; moulding machines (food and beverage); and robotics/multi-axis machining, including remote monitoring, condition monitoring and other remote/moving distributed I/O applications.

The ability to wirelessly connect Point I/O modules allows automation engineers to design high-performance, scalable and low-latency systems in cases where wired I/O is problematic.

The Wireless Point I/O Adapter provides a familiar programming environment to users by utilising the connection-based Ethernet/IP protocol and configuration with RSLogix 5000 programming environment to simplify configuring and communication with Point I/O racks scattered throughout the process facility.

The Wireless Point I/O Adapter can be used in networks with Radiolinx Industrial Hotspots or third-party 802.11g access points to provide high-speed, low latency 802.11g client communication over widely spaced plant areas.

This ability to work with existing standards-based wireless technology protects and leverages the end-user investment.

For security, the Wireless Point I/O employs 802.11i WPA2 with AES Encryption.

The Wireless Point I/O Adapter provides users with the flexibility and scalability (up to 63 modules) offered by the many standard Rockwell Automation Point I/O modules, including analogue I/O, digital I/O, Point Guard I/O, Devicelogix, relays, RTD and counters.

All Prosoft Technology products come with a three-year warranty and unlimited technical support.

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