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A toothbrush manufacturer has used mk Profile Systems’ 40 series profile to create a protective device guard for their packaging area.  The toothbrushes were already in their primary packaging, so there were no sanitary requirements but the protective guard is located in a typical cleanroom.

The guard, which was all made from the mk 40 series profile, was made entirely to the bespoke specifications of the customer. The profiles were anodised, the cut edges are blank and closed with sealing caps. The profile slots are closed with sealing strips.

An mk ZRF-P timing belt conveyor was also incorporated into the protective guard. It was crucial to ensure that the enclosure allowed easy access to the interior to allow for maintenance work to be carried out.  This was done by incorporating two maintenance doors also out of the 40 series profile, with a locking mechanism for the doors being provided by the customer.

Different panelling made from powder-coated sheets, Makrolon and powder-coated perforated sheets were used, again as per the customer’s requirements.

Finally, the enclosure was mounted on levelling feet, which can easily compensate for uneven floors.

The customer has a perfectly tailored solution to their guarding requirements with integrated conveyor technology, all from one single source. mk Profile Systems offers over 250 different profiles across their 25mm, 40mm, 50mm and 60mm ranges.  Their extensive conveyor range covers over 20 standard conveyor systems for all all types of goods in nearly all factory environments.  The modular nature of the mk system means that all elements of the system work in conjunction with each and can easily be adapted or added to at a later date.

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mk Profile Systems

With over 10 years experience, mk Profile Systems is a leading supplier of aluminium profile based modular components used in automation systems, machine building & systems integration.

With over 10 years experience, mk Profile Systems is a leading supplier of aluminium profile based modular components used in automation systems, machine building & systems integration.

Our four main business areas are Profile Technology, Conveyor Technology, Linear Motion and Factory Equipment.

Our comprehensive range of over 250 Aluminium Profiles includes 25, 40, 50 & 60mm series profiles, all made from high-quality alloys.  We have various connecting methods as well as accessories and standard parts.  This provides organised functionality for modern machine building.

mk’s 24 Conveying Systems are fully compatible with the aluminium profile system. They include conveyor modules such as flat-belt, twin-belt, timing belt, chain, flat top chain and roller for automation purposes.

Our conveyor technology offers you simplified planning and design due to our standardised modules.  We offer high flexibility in system and plant building and modification due to compatibility with all mk systems.

We can provide factory equipment in the form of guarding systems, gangways, stairs, platforms and work stations for the office, shop floor, assembly hall or any other area where required.

mk’s Linear Motion range includes slide rails, rollers and fully assembled modules for materials handling applications with high levels of accuracy and repeatability.

Our key customers come from areas such as automation, robotics, system integration, factory machinery, OEMs and end users however there really are no limits for the use of mk’s aluminium profile system.
Many of our customers choose to have their designs assembled at the mk factory so the finished article is delivered directly to them, however we are just as happy to deliver a kit of parts to enable customers to assemble the goods themselves.  We will work with you to find the best way to meet your requirements, budget and time constraints.

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