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Basler Electric has introduced the BE1-11m, a multifunction protective relay that provides motor protection, control and monitoring for large and medium motors, as well as critical motor processes.

According to Basler Electric, the BE1-11m relay is both easy to configure and easy to use.

Possible applications include petroleum drilling and refining; pulp and paper mills; water treatment plants; chemical plants; and utility power-generation facilities.

Suitable for retrofitting, the BE1-11m is designed to be mounted in existing S1 cut outs to replace many of the existing motor protection relays found in service without modifying or replacing the panel.

The relay features ring lug terminals for all relay connections and offers complete current-based thermal motor protection.

This thermal model includes unbalanced current biasing, custom voltage dependent curves, RTD biasing and emergency start override.

The BE1-11m features multifunction current, voltage, frequency, power and differential protection elements.

It also provides users with oscillography; sequential events recording; starting and running data; breaker- and trip-circuit monitoring data for metering maintenance; and operational analysis.

According to Basler Electric, the BE1-11m is easily configured using the company’s free Bestcomsplus software, which, with its graphical interface for setting the relay and configuring a protection and control scheme for specific applications, simplifies the commissioning process.

A USB port or optional Ethernet port enables local communication between the relay and a PC operating with the Bestcomsplus software.

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