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Lecroy, which supplies products for semiconductor, computer, electronic, military and automotive applications, has released Protosync PE options for the Wavemaster and Wavepro series of oscilloscopes.

Protosync PE provides the Lecroy Petracer Protocol and Bittracer view of the oscilloscope-captured waveform with a time and zoom correlation of physical layer signals, protocol packets and logic analyser byte views on a single instrument.

It is compatible with PCIe Gen1.x, 2.0 and 3.0 from one to four lanes.

Protosync PE features the rich, intuitive graphical user interface of a hardware protocol analyser information display.

The protocol analysis software provided is a viewing, analysing and trace printing subset of the software provided with Lecroy’s Petracer (Protosync PE) or Petracer Summit (Protosync PE-B) hardware protocol analyser product range.

As a result, those already familiar with Lecroy protocol analysers should find it simple to operate and understand.

The synchronisation of the oscilloscope and protocol analyser tools in the oscilloscope will make it easy for hardware signal integrity, systems and software/FPGA engineers to work together to debug complex problems, according to the company.

All versions of Protosync PE contain the basic PCIEbus D data link layer decode annotation on the oscilloscope.

This software also includes an indexed table display of decoded information.

If a specific index in the table display is touched, a zoom of that particular protocol packet is automatically created on the oscilloscope grid or vice versa.

This is helpful when there are protocol error frames or other anomalies that need debugging by viewing the physical layer signal.

Protosync PE adds further capability to provide full PCIe transaction layer decode in Petracer protocol view format.

In addition, the zoom-to-protocol packet is further enhanced with synchronisation of the protocol packet in the Petracer software to the decode annotation in the PCIEbus D oscilloscope software and also to the physical layer signal on the oscilloscope display.

Therefore, the engineer can capture a physical layer PCIe waveform, view all transaction layer data and correlate it to other oscilloscope-captured signals or activity on the bus that could be causing improper operation.

This is said to be helpful when hardware signal integrity, systems and software/FPGA engineers need to co-ordinate efforts to solve complex problems.

Protosync PE-B provides additional understanding by providing a Bittracer view of the signal that combines the advantages of a protocol analyser with those of a logic analyser.

Both the protocol view and the Bittracer view may be used simultaneously with the PCIEbus D decode annotation to provide maximum insight.

Since both the protocol analysis software and the oscilloscope user interface employ touch-screen user interfaces, the Protosync solution can be leveraged through the use of a second touch-screen display that is attached above the oscilloscope and aligned with the main oscilloscope display.

Both the oscilloscope and the protocol analysis software can run on full displays and provide the maximum amount of information to the user during debug.

In addition, the use of two touch-screen displays makes it easy to select a protocol packet in either the protocol analyser software or the oscilloscope user interface and zoom to the information in the other program.

Lecroy claims that this is both more convenient and more productive than a conventional Alt-Tab between two programs on one display or an additional non-touch-screen display.

The second touch-screen display may be purchased separately for Wavemaster 8 Zi or Wavepro 7 Zi oscilloscopes (Zi-EXTDISP-15); it can also be purchased as part of a Protosync PE bundle (Protosync PE-B-EXTDISP).

It is only available with the Zi Series of oscilloscopes.

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