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A purpose-built centre in London that offers rapid prototyping and digital manufacturing facilities on a ‘pay-and-go’ basis is utilising laser-sintering equipment from EOS.

The four-storey building will be an extension of the activities of Metropolitan Works, London’s first creative industries centre, which currently operates on London Metropolitan University’s city campus in east London.

Two additive layer manufacturing machines from EOS, one for laser-sintering plastic powders and the other for metal powders, were delivered during 2008.

They joined other rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing processes on site that use either 3D colour printing or photopolymerisation of resin.

An example of an engineering project currently being assisted by Metropolitan Works is a stainless steel component around 1cm thick that has a mesh of sub-millimetre wide holes with material between them of 0.1mm wall thickness.

According to the Metropolitan Works technicians making the components from EOS GP1 powder, it would be very difficult to make the component in any way other than using EOSINT laser-sintering technology.

The EOSINT P plastics laser-sintering machine is also helping with manufacturing projects.

In one instance, a fruit bowl was designed in four parts and produced from an EOS powdered polymer, from which a sand casting was made for batch production of the metal bowls.

In another case, a silicon mould was made from a plastic laser-sintered part for the series production of rubber door stops.

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