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PSI subsidiary PSI BT has replaced the previous version of PSImetals for the heat and caster sequence planning at Thyssenkrupp Nirosta.

The reason behind the modernisation is the unification of the planning solutions in the stainless steel plants in Germany, the US and China.

The systems have been operating to the customer’s satisfaction since May 2009.

The scheduling of the daily smelting process at the steel plants is supported by the PSImetals functions for advanced line sequencing.

Based on the needs of the cold-rolling plants, a continuous supply of the steel mill with smelting orders is achieved.

PSImetals functions, such as rescheduling of a heat in case of analysis deviations, the re-feeding following the interruption of a caster sequence or the re-sorting of heats in a sequence or entire sequences in the programme, allow for quick reactions to short-term directives or disruptions in the steel-mill operations.

If needed, a simulation mode also secures the current planning status with online changes.

With the modernisation of the existing planning solution to the current version of PSImetals, ThyssenKrupp Nirosta will also take advantage of the standard functions such as multilingualism and configurability of planning rules.

In the future, plant-specific adjustments can be operated flexibly by the key users.

The user know-how and the experiences gained at the German plants will also simplify the implementation in the US plant.

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