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Thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel is using the PSImetals production-management system for rolling mill/finishing in its electric strip cold rolling mill in Isbergues, France.

Thyssenkrupp had previously used PSI systems at the Gelsenkirchen site and had successfully used PSImetals for slitting and packaging in Isbergues.

In the future PSImetals will control the production at both European plants and secure the quality across all the processing steps.

The solution is based on the PSImetals components for production execution (PES) and advanced line sequencing (ALS).

The specific plant programs will be generated and implemented for all the system types in the rolling mill and the tempering.

A task-optimised menu will handle the cross-plant tracking of the production orders, including the production data acquisition and implementation of the quality standards.

The system is expected to provide benefits in retroactive quality analyses.

Every modification and defect, including precise information about where the position of the defect is in which stage of treatment, is shown in a graphical material genealogy for every piece of electrical steel.

This data forms the basis for future improvements in the production process.

Guy Ligi, head of order centre and finishing operation at Thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel in Isbergues, said: ‘The old system was successfully replaced and the ramp-up occurred without incidents.

‘The first strips were cut and packed just a few hours after the conversion of the system.

‘The process was tracked completely by means of PSImetals.’ The connection to SAP and to the various sub-systems is handled by PSIintegration.

The commencement of operations for the rolling mill and thermal treatment is planned for the first half of 2010.

Thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel is a producer of grain-oriented electrical steel, headquartered in Gelsenkirchen, Germany and with additional production plants in Isbergues, France and Nashik, India.

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