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PSM Instrumentation has developed Clearview for integration into Transas Telematics’s Triton oily-water monitoring system.

Clearview is intended to offer a complete solution for the Triton system to decrease the probability or prevent a vessel discharging overboard oily water with a parts-per-million (ppm) content above the current Marpol regulations.

Meeting IMO MEPC 107 (49) and SCG MED requirements may not be sufficient to avoid fines or prosecution.

According to the company, no matter how carefully controlled OWS systems are, accidents and equipment malfunctions can still occur.

Incidents of over-limit discharge can be traced by GPS and satellite imaging, leading to costly fines and vessel exclusions.

Clearview and Triton will override the existing OWS plant and all machinery with a real-time monitoring and fail-safe activation system.

For added security, an automatic GPS ‘Geo-Fence’ and auto-interlock and divert control ensure that no out-of-limit discharge can occur in protected areas.

Real-time data gathered from the vessel is securely stored but is linked into the ship’s communication system; it is available to be viewed via satcoms by operators and authorities as required.

The system is designed to be a complete and integrated equipment package that can be tailored to suit each vessel.

Signals are collected from existing sensors, saving unnecessary duplication and cabling.

The system panel and enclosure provide all the hardware termination facilities to simplify installation during a vessel’s normal turnaround wherever possible.

The Clearview display is said to be easy to read and provides a simple menu structure and a clear graphics interface for operators, allowing them to track the efficiency of the system, highlight areas of malfunction or failing components and optimise system performance.

All functions and operations are automatically and securely logged.

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