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Seica Spa has introduced the portable Break Out Box PTE-100, which is designed for first-level functional tests and has outstanding stimuli / measurement capabilities.

Based on Seica’s standard VIP architecture, including the DSP ACL module, the PTE-100 combines the features of different instruments such as voltage generator, current generator, waveform generator, voltmeter, amperometer, frequency meter and oscilloscope, with the typical features of an automatic test system.

It is also equipped with a mid-range power relay matrix (500V at 2A) with switching and interrupt functions of up to 256 input/output channels.

The PTE-100 is ideal for diagnosing and identifying field faults in the electronic systems aboard helicopters, trains and planes, as well as in systems made up of electronic modules interconnected through cables equipped with break-out connectors.

The PTE-100 is connected between two modules to monitor the activity present on the interconnect cable and can execute stimuli/measurement operations.

It can also connect/interrupt every wire of the cable to facilitate the diagnosis of the problem by an expert user.

The numerous integrated hardware functions and its ‘general purpose’ architecture make the PTE-100 perfect for replacing the many different break-out boxes dedicated to specific applications, decreasing the weight and volume of the equipment.

The PTE-100 has a powerful set of instruments contained in a portable box that easily fits into a common trolley-type case, ensuring protection and transportability.

The Seica Quick Test software provides a graphical, easy-to-use interface, allowing the PTE-100 to be used in the same manual mode typical of a lab instrument, or in an automatic ATE mode, executing previously stored test sequences, providing the user with the maximum flexibility.

The PTE-100 will make its European debut at Productronica 2009.

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