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The Pump Company is offering the Varisco V series of internal gear pumps on a variety of applications.

The pump can handle water-thin or high-viscosity liquids such as: bitumen, molasses, resins and polymers.

Giving a constant capacity that is directly proportional to the rotation speed and virtually independent of the pressure, the pump is able to give a smooth flow without pulsations or pressure peaks that cause vibration or destroy the pumped liquid.

The design has two moving parts, the rotor and idler gear, and one shaft.

The pump is completely reversible and the high vacuum created by the pump permits rapid self priming at the maximum height made possible by the physical characteristics of the pumped liquid.

The Varisco V series has a slow rotation speed and low rate of wear.

The number of teeth on the rotor and idler are not multiples of the other, ensuring wear is evenly distributed over the gears.

The rotor wear adjustment system maintains the pump’s high volumetric efficiency, while the heavy-duty casings are manufactured in ductile iron, steel or stainless steel.

The pump can be fitted with a variety of sealing options including a magnetic coupling.

Heating jackets and single- or double-relief valves are available, as well as a variety of bearing bushes.

The pump can be certified in accordance with the Atex standard and is suitable for use in the petrochemical industry and can be supplied in accordance with API 676.

The Varisco J series self-priming pump range is also available.

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