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Pump-Flo Solutions, an Engineered Software Business, announces the release of Pump-Flo Premium, a major update to its web-based pump selection software.

Pump-Flo Premium features a secure cloud computing technology, a refined user interface and coincides with a redesigned website.

Highlights of the software include collaborative sharing tools, the saving of pump search lists and the ability of searching through multiple manufacturer’s catalogues at one time.

Pump-Flo Premium is a subscription-based service meeting the needs of pump users, specifying engineers, pump resellers and manufacturers for sizing and selection, showing dynamic pump curves and aiding purchasers and suppliers in the quotation process.

More than 80 pump manufacturers support the Pump-Flo Premium program by making their pump performance catalogues available in electronic format.

The program searches from more than 135,000 digitised pump curves.

A goal of Pump-Flo Premium is to create a community of pump users where it is easy to collaborate.

Utilising the latest in cloud computing technology, Pump-Flo Premium stores pump projects on secured web servers and enables sharing of the pump selection between users.

The ‘List Manager’ feature allows users to save ‘Selection Lists’, add project notes, customise the view and rename columns.

The List Manager also lets users share saved search results with anyone with an email address and internet access, including non-subscribers.

The user has the ability to allow full access or a view-only status to with whomever they are sharing.

Non-subscribers can view the Selection List for free on the Pump-Flo Premium collaboration website as ‘view only’.

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