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Moog’s K-2010 pump system enables injection moulding and blow moulding machine builders to lower energy consumption in hydraulic machines by 30 per cent or more compared with traditional approaches.

Moog is offering a complete integrated motion-control system called the Moog Speed Controlled Pump System, which is based on three of Moog’s proven products.

The system includes a fixed displacement Radial Piston Pump (RKP), a Maximum Dynamic Brushless Servo Motor and a Modular Multi-axis Programmable Motion Control Servodrive (MSD).

The system allows users to change the speed of the motor and pump, thereby controlling the fluid flow.

The resulting machine is more energy efficient and this system also provides optimised performance and easier setup for operators.

The primary advantage of the Speed Controlled Pump System, according to the company, are the energy savings that are not typically available with the traditional hydraulic technology used in injection-moulding and blow-moulding machines.

In tests conducted by Moog with customers, the efficiency of the SCP with a medium load has reached 20-30 per cent higher when compared with the conventional system.

If a machine is running without load, or in a standby mode, energy consumption can be 90 per cent less.

Under full-load conditions, the performance compared with the traditional system is nearly identical.

This offers the user the opportunity to optimise the energy efficiency based on the needs of the application, but without losing performance.

The Moog Speed Controlled Pump System development is based on variable speed pump design.

In addition to energy savings and lower cost of ownership, the new Moog system is compact, enabling the overall footprint of the machine to be reduced.

Moog’s system, with its modular, integrated design, can be easily integrated into machines.

It is also quieter for operating personnel with acoustic emissions up to 9dB(A) lower in partial load conditions.

A key part of the system is the MSD Servo Drive, which provides intelligent pressure and flow functionality due to unique control algorithms.

Depending on pressure and flow demand values, the MSD controls the speed setting requirements for torque and speed.

Pump and servo motor characteristics are stored in the servo drive, creating a system that can communicate with external systems over a fieldbus.

If required, the pump can feature a dual displacement pump design, capable of intelligently switching from one to the other displacement.

This functionality enables the motor to run more efficiently and save energy.

During the pressure-holding phase in an injection moulding machine, low flow but high pressure is required, making energy savings of up to 90 per cent possible.

Moog has also developed a system with a submerged installation of the motor and pump inside of a hydraulic tank to reduce the size of the motor and take advantage of the heat-dissipating fluid in tank.

The Speed Controlled Pump System is said to deliver lower maintenance and investment costs when compared with an all-electric motion system.

The cost of rebuilding a hydraulic machine with Moog’s Speed Control Pump System is said to be much lower because it is an integrated modular unit with all of the parts easily accessible for maintenance and upgrades.

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