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Pepperl and Fuchs’s Bebco EPS 6000 series Type X/Ex px purge pressurisation system for offshore, refinery and pharmaceutical applications has been updated with firmware and hardware options.

The company claimed the new options make implementing purge systems easier and less expensive.

Chris Romano, product portfolio manager at Pepperl and Fuchs, said: ‘A new input pressure feature allows the user to set the enclosure pressure between a maximum and minimum pressure value.

‘If the pressure drops below this minimum value, the rapid exchange valve will turn on until the pressure reaches the maximum value and then it will shut off.

‘This allows for changes in the enclosure pressure, and compensates so that the enclosure pressure will not turn off.

‘This input could also be taken to one of the control relays to energise a second pressure source,’ he added.

Additionally, automatic temperature control is now possible with the 6000 series temperature hub and temperature sensor, enabling users to sense the temperature of various surfaces inside or outside the enclosure.

With its updated programming menu, the 6000 series control unit allows users to set averaging or maximum temperature, and can be used to turn on the solenoid valve on the manifold, activate the auxiliary relays to cool or heat the enclosure, or warn of temperature problems.

There are also additional system feedback and alarms; IS inputs can be inverted for normally closed inputs; and Spanish, French and German programming menus have been added for the global market.

The 6000 series comes with all Bebco family system features as standard, is user-configurable to satisfy particular applications, and can be used with enclosures up to 250ft3 (7.1m3) of volume.

Both the control unit and vent are universally mountable for all enclosure sizes.

It is also universal certified to all applicable updated standards for both gas and dust hazardous atmospheres.

It is IECEx, CuLus and Atex directive certified, and complies with Safety Integrity Level IEC 61508 SIL2.

Romano said: ‘The Bebco EPS 6000 series features an intuitive programming screen that allows the user to quickly and easily configure the system to meet their specific application needs, and to monitor the status of the system’s pressure, flow and operation.

‘This eliminates the need for the user to specify all their application requirements at time of order,’ he added.

The 6000 series is a complete purging system that contains the controller, pneumatic, electrical I/O and programming interface housed in a durable type 4X, IP66-rated housing.

Additionally, all exposed parts are 316L (UNS31603) stainless steel, making the 6000 series well suited for use in offshore, refinery and pharmaceutical applications where corrosive or potentially explosive environments exist.

For users that wish to custom-fit the purge/pressurisation system to their enclosure, the 6000 series is also available in a component kit modular version.

Universal mounting options facilitate easy integration into existing or customised systems, and enable the unit to be mounted to the enclosure in any vertical or horizontal orientation.

The unit’s ‘smart vent’ works on all enclosure sizes, and includes a gravity-free flapper and rotatable vent cap with spark arrestor that allows the vent to also be mounted in any orientation – even inside the enclosure.

A user-friendly interface with backlit LCD and highly visible LEDs enables easy programming and operation to meet specific application requirements.

This also eliminates the need for analogue pressure gauges, according to Pepperl and Fuchs, as the screen displays information such as flow, pressure and system status, with pressure and flow feedback provided to the control unit by the vent.

The interface also provides diagnostics for reviewing start-up and operating parameters, and can be rotated to any orientation required by the application.

Additionally, the manifold has an automatic purging and pressurisation feature that is said to offer cost savings on gas in applications using non-atmospheric air and allows the system to automatically purge and pressurise without an operator present.

Purge and pressurisation protection is suitable for many applications, and is one of the most flexible Ex protection solutions.

Bebco EPS systems from Pepperl and Fuchs are said to provide the means to operate general-purpose equipment in classified areas, or in environments that are highly corrosive or dusty.

The principle behind purge and pressurisation systems is to prevent a corrosive, dusty or potentially explosive atmosphere from penetrating a closed protective housing using a standard overpressure technology.

These systems control and monitor compressed instrument air or inert gas through the protected enclosure(s) so as to remove and prevent the accumulation of flammable gas, vapours or dust, therefore making the inside of the pressurised enclosure safe.

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