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Ashtead Technology has supplied a push-rod camera to Subadra Consulting to help the firm carry out extensive drainage surveying work on the Isle of Wight.

Subadra Consulting was contracted to undertake the two-week survey of a large sewer network as part of a major redevelopment of an existing leisure facility on the island.

To support its range of equipment, the consultancy firm contacted Ashtead Technology to hire the rugged Minicam I-cam Solo push-rod camera.

The I-cam Solo CCTV inspection system incorporates a digital control unit, allowing movie and stills capture onto a Compact Flash card, with a daylight-viewable 6.5in display.

The 60m fibreglass reinforced push-rod camera is able to inspect pipes ranging from 50mm to 225mm as well as negotiate multiple bends and is suitable for CCTV drain surveys on a hire basis.

‘For extensive and underwater exploration of this sewerage system we required a rugged push-rod camera that could withstand the conditions and simultaneously provide high-resolution video footage that we could later download to a laptop,’ said Angus Gale from Subadra.

‘We could then show this footage to our clients to reassure them that, in this instance, the sewer network was in a suitable condition to allow for the extensive redevelopment of the leisure facility,’ he added.

‘The I-cam Solo is from our range of drainage inspection and surveying instrumentation, which are all available to rent to help customers avoid the capital cost associated with buying outright,’ said Alan Hasson, Ashtead Technology’s general manager.

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