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Putnam Plastics, a provider of advanced extrusions for minimally invasive medical devices, has opened a centre for printing medical tubing for use in catheter devices.

The centre includes dedicated equipment and staff to provide custom print development and production printing for a range of catheter designs and materials.

Minimally invasive catheter shafts, such as those used for interventional radiology and cardiology, are comprised of extruded thermoplastic or thermoset materials, depending on the medical device requirements.

Catheter devices often require printing along the length and around the circumference of the shaft with markers for use in medical procedures.

Instructional markings, device company information or other information may also be required on the shafts.

Putnam’s 47m2 (500ft2) printing operation is situated in a climate-controlled room and has the capability of maintaining temperature and humidity to ensure repeatable printing processes.

The centre, located in the company’s primary manufacturing facility in Dayville, Connecticut, is adjacent to extrusion and polyimide operations for continuous manufacturing flow from tube manufacture to final printing.

The new centre currently houses four dedicated pad printers capable of printing catheter shafts measuring up to 80cm (32in) in length with 360deg printing roll options.

The facility incorporates plasma heat surface treatment equipment for the preparation of hard surfaces of resins such as PEEK and polyimide before printing and a variable temperature oven with a conveyor for ink curing after printing.

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