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Burlington Automation has released a timed demonstration of the complete fabrication of an 8ft W16x31 structural beam using the PythonX CNC robotic fabrication system.

In the video, PythonX fabricates the following features in a single pass: front trim miter cut 1/4in; two copes on the front of the beam; three bolt holes at the front of the beam; six bolt hole angled cluster on web; four layout marks on web; two bolt holes on top flange; two bolt holes on bottom flange; three slots on web at rear of beam; piece mark – two lines – nine letters total; flange notch cut flush with web (both sides); cope on rear of beam and notch cut on flange with a total processing time of 10min 13s.

Structural steel fabricators who examined the beam design suggested that performing this fabrication using traditional manual methods would take roughly 120 minutes.

Using a CNC drill line and bandsaw, plus manual torch for the copes and flange flush cuts, would take approximately 82mins (not including the time for moving the beam between operations).

Therefore, Burlington said, PythonX completed the beam fabrication in less than 12 per cent of the time expected for a shop using conventional automated equipment.

The PythonX structural fabrication system has been designed to utilise all the features available from detailing software.

This includes coping data, bevel angles, layout marks, bolt hole positions, reference points and part-marking.

No programming of the cuts was required.

The video can be streamed from the ‘Economics’ page of the PythonX website.

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