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Engineers from Q-Sys have developed a precision stage for a metrology institute, which required geometric accuracies and a constant speed motion.

A metrology institute approached Q-Sys for a precision stage for a calibration system, which need geometric accuracies and a constant speed motion.

The system featured a granite surface with air bearings running on it and a vacuum pre-load arrangement to avoid loading stresses in the base. A flexible tensile link was used to apply motive force to the carriage.

The system was installed in the final location and remeasured, before being adjusted in order to minimise measured variations and reduce Abbe errors to a minimum.

Key specifications

  • The deflection of the granite base due to movement of the carriage is less than 30nm.
  • Angular errors in the carriage are less than 2μrad.

Formed in 2007 by four former colleagues from Anorad Europe, Q-Sys fills the gap between standard catalogue motion products and real-world applications. Instead of trying to create solutions for complex motion tasks from mass-produced components, Q-Sys enables engineers to obtain exactly what best suits their needs — bespoke, high-accuracy motion equipment.

We offer targeted solutions for today’s most demanding motion system needs, designed to meet the customer’s specification in the most cost-effective way. This technique has proved very successful, not only for one-off special-purpose systems but also in producing the motion platforms for series production machines, enabling large savings to be made by incorporating the motion hardware into the machine support frame.

Specialising in the application of linear motor technology, Q-Sys engineers have more than 50 years' collective experience in delivering quality solutions to individual applications, including laser machining, cutting and welding, digital holography, large-format inkjet printing, semiconductor wafer metrology and flat-panel display production to name just a few. We have also worked with several synchrotron facilities to deliver a variety of custom motion and positioning solutions including metrology benches.

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