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Analytical Technology has introduced the Q22 Specialty pH/ORP sensors, which allow for simple sensor replacement without the need for an entire system installation.

In addition, the new sensors have been designed for use with all pH/ORP analysers and generic panel meters.

Conventional pH/ORP sensors are based on an open reference system, which allows the reference elements and electrolytes to be in contact with the process.

Chemicals diffuse into the reference chamber and contaminate the system, causing the reference potential to shift and the sensors to fail.

As a result, more cleaning and calibration cycles are required, costing more time and money.

Analytical Technology’s Q22 Specialty pH/ORP sensors, whether universal or loop-powered, incorporate a glass reference-system, protecting the sensors from chemical poisons that destroy conventional pH/ORP sensors.

The electrodes of Analytical Technology’s Q22 Specialty pH/ORP sensors are customised and user-specified to ensure optimum measurement reliability and maximum sensor lifetime.

An integral pre-amplifier is encapsulated in the body of the sensors, generating a low impedance signal output that ensures stable readings in harsh environments and maximises the distance between the sensor and the analyser.

A large volume, dual junction, replaceable saltbridge maximises the in-service time of the sensors and allows for easy and inexpensive sensor regeneration.

The sensor housings are made of durable materials that provide outstanding mechanical strength and chemical resistance.

A free-of-charge product brochure can be downloaded from Analytical Technology’s website.

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