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Q8Oils’ team of field service technicians provide on-site monitoring and expert advice that can lead to increased coolant life and performance, refined cutting and forming processes and reduced machine downtime. This on-site condition monitoring service is designed to support customers of Q8Oils’ metalworking fluids.

A variety of tests are carried out to ensure that Q8Oils’ products are running properly, including a visual inspection, determination of lubricant concentration, pH monitoring, the measurement of conductivity, the measurement of total dissolved solids, the measurement of biocide concentration and the measurement of bio-burden.

Q8Oils also offers new customers the opportunity to trial soluble and neat metalworking fluids on a payment-by-results basis (terms and conditions apply) with clear, mutually agreed objectives. In these cases, the field service team will monitor lubricant performance to ensure the Q8Oils product is fully meeting customers’ requirements.

Further information

  • The setting up and running of the Q8Oils products involves Q8Oils cleaning the existing system and refilling with the Q8Oils lubricant.
  • The company then monitors the lubricant’s performance and provides a fully comprehensive report on the results.
  • If the customer decides that the Q8Oils product is not right for them, they receive the trial lubricants free of charge.


Q8Oils offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of lubricants in the industry, with a portfolio of more than, 1000 grades to suit every application from the smallest consumers to the largest machines. Our superior quality products are backed by the highest levels of aftersales and technical services.

Q8Oils is part of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC), one of the world’s largest oil companies. With 120 years of known reserves and crude oil production levels of 2.9 million barrels per day, it is ranked the seventh largest oil producer in the world. KPC’s business spans every segment of the hydrocarbon industry: on and offshore exploration, production, refining, marketing, retailing, petrochemicals and marine transportation.

Backed by significant corporate resources of our parent company, Q8Oils is a fully integrated organisation. Using high quality base oils we manufacture an extensive range of oils in our own blending plants and have established state of art European laboratories for development and technical support work. Today, Q8Oils metalworking fluids are used by customers in more than 80 countries around the world.

Q8Oils work in partnership with our customers to develop products they need and provide expert technical advice on applications to maximise the benefit of our products. All of our customers are supported by field based specialists who provide advice on existing applications or develop new products to meet individual requirements. Our laboratories work closely with customers to identify innovative new applications for our products to enhance productivity and profitability.

The Q8Oils product portfolio consists of over 1000 grades of finished lubricants, process oils, extracts and waxes. The comprehensive range makes Q8Oils one of the most complete suppliers of lubricants based products in the industry.

In the automotive sector we monitor the demands of all the original equipment manufactures in markets as diverse as passengers cars, commercial vehicles, public transport, agriculture, construction and two wheels, working closely with all of them to exploit the potential of our product quality and development expertise.

In the manufacturing sectors we have experienced dramatic changes in recent years due to changes in health & safety legislation and an increase in demand for quality and productivity. Recognizing these often conflicting issues, we have made it our goal to help customers achieve their objectives by supplying quality products and technical expertise.

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