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Measurement data gathered by any of Metronic’s current range of Quadra-Chek and Gage-Chek DRO systems can now be directly input into an Excel spreadsheet at the touch of a button.

This can be done via the low-cost QC-Wedge communications software package.

Transferred in real-time by RS-232 serial connection to the user’s PC via the QC-Wedge functionality linked to the DRO, QC-Wedge then transmits the data immediately and makes it available for editing or printing, or it can be saved on the PC to suit requirements.

Quadra-Chek and Gage-Chek systems are used in a wide range of applications for the single- and multi-axis dimensional measurement of 2D and 3D workpieces.

The additional Excel functionality now available from Metronics is complemented by the supply of the appropriate communications cabling.

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