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Quadrant food-grade materials brochure - .PDF file.

Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products (EPP) has updated its range of food-grade plastics in line with the new EU regulation 10/2011.

The new regulation is a further development of Directive 2002/72/EC for plastics in contact with food and specifies much stricter test conditions for migration. Within the EU, compliance is required for all food-contact materials.

The company’s range of certified materials, covering PE through to PEEK, is claimed to enable food producers to fulfil high safety and quality levels for their food and beverage production systems.

Click on the link above to download the Quadrant food-grade materials brochure.

Key benefits

  • All Quadrant EPP food-grade semi-finished stock shapes and customised finished parts are processed and handled according to the new regulation and to the consistent quality-control guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).
  • Quadrant EPP accompanies each delivery with complete documentation, from choice of raw material to finished parts; this ensures full traceability and supports customers in reducing their own in-house product testing time and costs.
  • Customers receive a declaration of compliance with the order (DCO) according to EN 10204-2.1 that ensures the uninterrupted traceability of the plastic product from the stock shape back to the raw material used by batch.
  • As part of Quadrant EPP’s Food Grade Program, customers can benefit from the company’s international partner network to select the right material for their applications; the material selection and application advice considers the food type in contact with the plastic parts, as well as temperature and food-contact time.

Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products

Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products (QEPP) is the world’s leading manufacturer of semi-finished products made from general engineering and high-performance plastics. Quadrant also designs, develops and produces finished parts and solutions for a broad variety of applications in many different industries globally. Its product range extends from polyamide (PA), polyacetal (POM) and ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) to high-performance materials such as fluoroplastics and polybenzimidazole (PBI), which features temperature resistance to over 425C (800F) while maintaining total dimensional stability. The semi-finished products are machined or thermoformed and used in a variety of industries ranging from electronics through packaging machinery to chemical processing for applications where properties such as non-stick characteristics, abrasion resistance, dimensional stability, chemical and acid resistance or purity are extremely important.

Quadrant’s global teams of product development and applications engineers provide their customers with comprehensive advisory services. The best individual solution is sought for every customer requirement – from the choice of suitable material to optimum design of the finished product and machining of the most sophisticated materialsin state-of-the-art Technology Centres. Quadrant maintains a marketing and sales organization which is capable of pursuing new developments rapidly and efficiently worldwide. Quadrant focuses on growing markets, though many end users operate worldwide and have global requirements for materials and applications consulting.

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