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Qualcomm has announced that it has added 3G femtocell chipsets to its product roadmap.

The company will be offering Femtocell Station Modem (FSM) chipsets that will utilise the broadband speeds of 3GPP HSPA+, in addition to utilising CDMA2000, including 1X and EV-DO Rev A and Rev B.

The chipsets will include baseband functions, network listen and integrated RF capabilities for all major wireless bands.

The chipsets also will feature techniques addressing the issue of interference between femtocells and the macro network.

Sampling is currently scheduled for the second quarter of 2010.

‘Femtocell technology holds great promise for the mobile industry by delivering better 3G coverage to subscribers and increasing data throughput,’ said Ed Knapp, senior vice-president of marketing for Qualcomm Flarion Technologies.

Femtocells are cellular access points that use DSL, fibre or cable broadband connections to extend the reach of cellular service within a small area.

Qualcomm will offer FSM chipsets for both residential and enterprise applications to its OEM customers.

Extensive performance analysis, simulations and field tests indicate the issue of interference can be effectively addressed with the company’s interference mitigation techniques.

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