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Quantum Composers has released the model 9730 series current pulse generator, designed for use in pyrotechnics work for the automobile, safety, propulsion, defence and aerospace industries.

In these industries, devices known as initiators or ignitors, which contain a pyrotechnic material, are used to ignite other materials, such as thermites, gas generators, solid-fuel rockets, and inflators for airbags.

The 9730 is provided with two or four independent output channel models with integrated current sensing and resistance measurement capabilities per output.

The ability to generate highly precise, accurate and repeatable current pulses makes this unit suitable for squib and initiator quality testing applications.

The 9730 is said to ensure safety with advanced protection capabilities including remote interlocks, pre- and post-measurements, and keyed enabled front-panel switching.

All of these features ensure that the unit fires only when all safety criteria are met.

Remote programmability is also provided via RS232, USB and Ethernet.

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