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A 1.5MW, 2.7kA, variable-speed drive (VSD) manufactured by ABB is now available for hire from Quantum Controls.

‘We added the 1.5MW drive following a growing demand from OEMs and end users that have a variety of uses for a hire drive of this capacity, from testing through to breakdown or simply to try before you buy,’ said sales director Peter Stelling.

Among the end-user industries associated with the new hire VSD are pulp and paper, water and marine, keeping vital plant running in the event of a breakdown and providing cover for long-lead repair turn around times.

Among the OEMs that can benefit from hiring the VSD are large pump-set makers, high-pressure vessel manufacturers and those requiring high voltages for testing.

Such tests may be required at short notice and the VSD allows various voltages to be selected from 400V to 11kV using dedicated output sine filters and selectable output transformers to suit the voltage requirements.

The VSD offers an alternative to costly, multiple diesel generator sets that are used to provide high-power requirements.

The drive achieves this by keeping the starting and running currents to a minimum, compared to that of other conventional methods of motor control.

The VSD option overcomes the direct-on-line starting currents seen on large motors when temporary tests or factory acceptance tests are required.

Normally several diesel generators sets are synchronised together.

These tend to be oversized, costly and environmentally unfriendly to accommodate the higher starting torque and accompanying peak current.

With the drive, the motor can be ramped up gradually, thereby reducing the overall power required and reducing the associated space and cables.

The drive is installed within a self-contained shipping container that arrives on site complete with heating, lighting, ventilation fans, filters and power supply sockets.

The drive itself is totally enclosed to IP65 rating within the container and features a wide range of built-in options including breaker, contactors and communication options.

Hiring of the drive comes complete with engineers to install and commission the drive.

It is also backed by a fixed-time response contract.

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