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The Fortis Saxonia Project team is using QuantumX to allow it to race the 2,500km Shell Eco-Marathon on a single litre of fuel.

The Fortis Saxonia Project team is a student research project at the Chemnitz University of Technology (TU).

It will drive the Sax 3.1 in the race, which will take place at the Eurospeedway track in Lausitz.

QuantumX and measurement technology from HBM can be relied on to supply the measurement data needed to optimise the fuel-cell driven three-wheel vehicle.

Shell is involved in sponsoring the development of vehicles with lightweight construction and efficient and economical drive systems.

In 2005, the first year it took part, Team Fortis Saxonia drove Sax 1 over a distance of 655km on a single litre of fuel.

In 2008, with Sax 3, it covered 2,500km.

In 2009, the aim for the Fortis Saxonia Project is to be at the starting line for the Eco-Marathon at the Eurospeedway in Lausitz with an improved version of the Sax 3, which to date is the most efficient TU Chemnitz vehicle.

The result is the Sax 3.1, a three-wheel vehicle weighing a mere 45kg, which Saxonia hopes will build on last year’s impressive performance.

The up-and-coming vehicle builders have put a correspondingly large amount of energy, know-how and technology into further improving their experimental vehicle, the Sax 3, to increase its range of 2,500km by several hundred kilometres.

To further optimise the Sax 3, it had to have efficient measurement technology in the test and optimisation phases.

The extensive measurements that were needed to evaluate the driving performance of the new Sax 3.1 gave those involved in the project an additional problem: where to put all the measurement technology.

In the car, even the driver has to lie between the front wheels, as it is the only space available.

HBM came up with the perfect solution – the compact QuantumX amplifier and strain gages, which ensure top-quality measured values, even in the smallest spaces.

All the mechanical quantities to be measured are acquired with electrical strain gages.

The amplifier used was the QuantumX MX840.

This has eight channels for measurement acquisition and was mounted on the back of the driver’s seat.

The power supply for the amplifier came from a 12V battery with a capacity of 10Ah.

This was located in the vehicle’s nose area.

This ensured that there would be a stable energy supply for the whole measurement run period.

A laptop was loaded with version 2.24 of the Catmaneasysoftware to make the amplifier settings and to acquire and store the measurement data.

During the test runs, this laptop was located beneath the driver’s legs.

At each ‘pit stop’, the measured values were checked and saved.

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