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Quellan has announced its latest RF noise canceller IC, the QHx230.

A demonstration with off-the-shelf GPS PNDs showed the signal strength bars on the display instantly doubled in height for each satellite, and three additional satellites appeared when the canceller was turned on.

Based on the company’s analogue Q:Active Noise Cancelling technology, the ultra-small Cmos device measures 1mm2 in size and is capable of cancelling a range of unwanted RF interference to improve receiver sensitivity.

The QHx230 incorporates an interface that supports preset values for immediate deployment in mobile devices and laptop computers where EMI aggressors, such as camera buses or display drivers, de-sense receivers, causing performance loss and end-user dissatisfaction.

This approach eliminates the need for external software development and baseband processing resources, thereby accelerating time to market and reducing power and PCB footprint.

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