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Ruland Manufacturing and Techdrives have announced a new design of quick-clamping shaft collars that is said to be ideal for fast adjustments on machine shafts without the need for tools.

Clamping collars can be fixed, adjusted and removed without damage to the shaft, unlike set screw collars, which create burrs.

Normally clamping collars are fixed by tightening one or two bolts.

The new design of clamping collar uses a clamp handle, which means it can be fixed instantly.

Machines that require regular adjustment are ideal cases, the companies said.

Examples are packaging, printing, medical, machine vision or semiconductor manufacturing to retain rolls, guides or fixtures with axial holding power up to 500N.

Quick-clamping shaft collars are easily installed, according to the companies.

The collars slide on the shaft smoothly and have easy finger-access to the handle, which allows them to be removed or positioned without tools.

The handle can be locked, fixing the collar in place.

When installed, the handle is flush with the outside diameter, which makes them suitable for rotating and stationary applications alike.

The design features a tension-adjustment screw, which makes the collar compatible with wide shaft tolerances and also adjusts the axial holding power on the shaft.

They can be modified by mounting holes to allow them to face-mount other components to the shaft.

Quick-clamping collars are made from aluminium for light weight and low inertia and have an anodised finish.

The hardware on the collars is made from stainless steel, which makes them suitable for wash-down applications, medical applications and some food applications.

Quick-clamping shaft collars are available with bore sizes from 8mm to 35mm.

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