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Aven has introduced Quick-Test Tweezers to simplify quality assurance inspections of incoming circuit boards or loose components, as well as troubleshooting and production checks.

Two models of Quick-Test Tweezers are available from Aven.

‘Quick-Test Tweezers are a handy replacement for bulky LCR multi-meters,’ said Mike Shahpurwala, president and marketing director at Aven.

‘These instruments allow one-touch identification and testing of SMDs, as well as short-circuit diagnosis or PCB extraction.’ The battery-powered tweezers can check traditional components with wire leads too short to insert in to test terminals.

One-hand use allows note taking while checking a component’s impedance (inductance, capacitance and resistance), testing its diode polarity or measuring currents in operating circuits.

The Autoscan model immediately recognises whether a component is a capacitor or resistor, with no mode change needed.

An oversized digital readout shows the type of component, measurement result and test conditions.

A bar graph displays an analogue indicator of measured input.

Applications include electronics research and development, manufacturing, maintenance and training.

Quick-Test Tweezers are an adaptation of earlier-generation electronic testers that also combine mechanical and metering capabilities, according to the company.

Features of the new models include precise tips to handle components as small as 0.3mm.

They can measure both AC or DC voltages and have a long-lasting battery.

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